"Who is she?  She's beautiful...."
--Luke Skywalker
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Here I'll post pictures of family and friends, trips and parties, etc.  I'll update as I get newer photos to post.  Hover your mouse over a thumbnail to get a description; click the thumbnail to view a larger image.
(those in blue are classic TV or movie clips....."PG-13" or higher Rated)
Ads & Outtakes from "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" I scared the crap out of Elise's friend Sarah with a plastic spider in the hallway! Opening Skit....Bush prepares for the 9/11 Commission Lindsay Lohan's Monologue on SNL
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Tattoo Remover Lindsay Lohan depicting a "well endowed" Hermione Grainger on SNL Billy Joel as the "Designated Driver" Weekend Update Waa Waa Waaaahhhh...... Partying with the Wetli's....These are the "Gay Outtakes," hahaha! When they were about 10 or 11, Elise and Elliana performed their version of "The Lord of the Rings" Elise & Elliana's Outtakes from their "Lord of the Rings" video Ellen Page on SNL, as Miley Cyrus on "The Dakota Fanning Show" Ellen Page on SNL....."The Other Boleyn Girls" Movie Trailer
Ellen Page on SNL....having nightmares Ellen Page on SNL....."Shopping with Virginiaca" Ellen Page on SNL....she attends a Melissa Etheridge concert and discovers she may be a lesbian! George Carlin:  You're a Loser, Bobby! George Carlin:  Ugly Kids George Carlin discusses "Religious Hats" George Carlin:  A Right to My Opinion Elise scares the crap out of Elliana! Randy plays with "Harley," Stacy's new female German Shepherd. Janine, Alyssa, Elliana, and Elise haggle over specific lines from the movie "Grease"
While playing Jeopardy, Elise forgets to make a wager during her "Daily Double" round. Rusty balances a water bottle on his belly, while sleeping! Danny & Carol describe their talking bird that used to curse a lot I have no explanation for this....just turn on your speakers and enjoy! From ATV's archives.....Cats going crazy! Black Women take no crap....especially from their "so called" boyfriends! From Comedy Central:  What the F@&%! Mr. Bean goes shopping at a Department store Stand-up comedian Robert Schimmel performs in Las Vegas.  This clip:  "The Burning Asshole".  I apologize for the poor video quality; this was taken from an 11-year-old VHS tape that saw more use than the knee pad under former President Clinton's desk! Elise & Elliana practice their Stepper dance routine, Sept 2006
One of the greatest clips in Star Trek history...."ST2: The Wrath of Khan" This one is pretty dark, so turn off your room lights when viewing.  With Janine in distress, Charlie attempts to save the day but instead decides to be petted by Cassie! Cassie's new Dwarf Hamster, "Stud." Janine and Elise dance to "Footloose" Janine & Elise dance to "Tainted Love," but just briefly Janine and Elise dance to "Total Eclipse of the Heart,"  (Violent Remix) "Little" attacks the cord on the camera Elise attempts to give Charlie his Asthma medication, July 2006 Rocky *insists* that I scratch his belly, July 2006 Tootsie gets a French Fry, July 2006
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Dad gives a little lesson about Guadalupe Bass while he's Flyfishing on the Nueces River, TX, in May 2006 Janine and Elise rough-housing with a sweaty bra! Little and Charlie playing behind a door, then playing with the camera! Janine shows a 360-degree view from La Mexicana Restaurant during her 18th Birthday Party Elise performs her interpretation of how everyone used to dance in the 1980's Brent Wetli lights "snakes" during the 4th of July, 2005; Arroyo House, TX Grandma Audrey says "Hi" to Charlene, Xmas 2005, Houston TX Mother scratches Rocky's "Secret Spot," which makes his leg go crazy! I show off my "Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber" from MasterReplicas.com Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell talks about the growth of the video game & PC Industry
(Be warned....high use of profanity and crude behavior!)
AAHHHH!!!!  My eyes are melting!!!!  It's EM1 Palma in his underwear!!! TM2 Cordero and EN3 Mahd snag the buoy line during mooring ops in Wilson Cove, SCI Palma wishes I had stayed in the Navy EN3 Mahd catches a flying fish, then tries to fillet it Adam and Brad discuss making a fake bomb for training use during VBSS operations Completely oblivious to porno playing in the background, Brad, King, Rafael and Cook play poker on the Mess deck Late one night, I feed hot dogs to the local raccoons in barracks courtyard of Pt. Loma Submarine base We have a rough underway wide in a Sea State 4 Typical sailors during a "picnic" for the Torpedo Retriever department The USS Constellation Battle Group gets underway
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Thanksgiving 2008, Austin TX....Randy, Billie, Marshall, and Jimmy enjoying some pumpkin pie Thanksgiving 2008, Austin TX...the Watkins clan at the table The Watkins kids at the kiddie table, Thanksgiving 2008, Austin TX Caleb and Greg ready for a drive in the MG. Jenny and Randy take a spin in Greg's MG. My Fake Passport for VBSS training operations in the US Navy Alan Cablyan's Fake Passport Cook's Fake Passport Davin Cordero's Fake Passport
Jedi Knight
Commander Bond
Cheat Code Central
Star Wars
Star Trek
Greg tells Carrie how to drive his MG. Glenda & Greg Watkins, with their dogs Kinsey (white) and Diggsby (black) The road into Arroyo City, one day after Hurricane Dolly hit.  It's no longer a road, but a lake.  One could only find the road by following the downed utility poles.  Arroyo City, July 25, 2008. The remains of Yvonne & Johnny's outdoor patio at the "Arroyo House."  Once totally enclosed by sturdy posts and screen, and housing several chairs and a picnic table, all that remains is the concrete slab and the fish-grilling station (which was apparently bolted into the concrete).  Arroyo City, July 25, 2008. One side of Yvonne & Johnny's "Arroyo House."  Yes, that's an overturned BBQ pit in the middle of the debris.  It weighs 300 lbs. and was blown a good 15 or 20 feet from its standing position.  Arroyo City, July 25, 2008. Yvonne & Johnny's indoor patio, covered with ceiling insulation, and lacking a roof.  Arroyo City, July 25, 2008. Adam Hews' Fake Passport Joe Salvator's Fake Passport Kellel's Fake Passport King's Fake Passport
Submerged boat, South Padre Island, July 25, 2008. Boat sitting on top of pier [View 1], South Padre Island, July 25, 2008. Boat sitting on top of pier [View 2], South Padre Island, July 25, 2008. Overturned RV, South Padre Island, July 25, 2008. Utility pole snapped in half, like a toothpick.  South Padre Island, July 25, 2008. Johnny checks one of his PFD's before taking the girls out on a short cruise, July 5th, 2008. Lacroix's Fake Passport Mahd's Fake Passport Sunny Palma's Fake Passport Rafael's Fake Passport
Western Digital
Creative Labs

Elise, Madison, and Elliana on Johnny's boat (that's Johnny in the background) I should have "mirrored" this pic, because the girls got it backwards....it's their version of "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil." Out for a boat trip on the Arroyo Coming back from a short boat trip along the Arroyo, July 5th, 2008 The "Three Stooges" adjust their clothes while Maggie & Pearl (the Dogs) get ready to jump back onto the pier. "The guys" watch over the water, after a big meal of fried fish, July 5th, 2008 Casey Tubbs' Fake Passport Jim Wade's Fake Passport Brad's Fake Passport Josh Alsept holds a chain of M-60 ammo
Everyone enjoying a good conversation after dinner, July 5th, 2008 Mark observes the backyard at the Arroyo House, July 5th, 2008 Wild turkeys at the Arroyo House, July 2008 Elliana, Madison, and Elise huddle under an umbrella at the Arroyo House, on the pier.....July 5th, 2008. Group Shot:  top row:  Johnny, Mark, Elise, Julie, Lyman.  Bottom row:  Bryan, Yvonne, Elliana, Madison, and Maggie (on her back, haha). Sunset on the Arroyo Me at my barracks door, Submarine Base Pt. Loma, San Diego CA Bryan in civvies during a Canadian VBSS operation (Canadian Destroyer 331 in the background) MM3 Bryan Bounous, firing an M-16 rifle during training BM2 Joe Salvator grabs BM1 Norric Burton, during a bomb threat muster
Elise & Friends, July 4th, 2008 Elise & Friends, July 4th, 2008 Elise & Friends, July 4th, 2008 Elise & Company, July 4th, 2008 Dad's big catch of the day....a nice 24" trout from South Bay! Dad catches two little trout on a double-jig Me and TM2 Marc Armitage horsing around during his Birthday party Me near the parking garage, Subase Pt. Loma, San Diego CA TM2 Davin Cordero snapped a pic when I fell asleep on the bridge! EM3 Alan Cablayan gets ready to light up a smoke after a torpedo recovery
I always seem to catch the weirdest fish when I go to the bay....today I caught a "needlefish."  A very nasty, toothy, and smelly fish.  One you hope would get off the hook on its own. The Needlefish I caught, in the boat....those teeth are evil! Needlefish, held up with pliers Port Mansfield, from the public boat ramp Pelicans near the fish-cleaning dock at Port Mansfield Elise's Prom Pic, 2008 EM2 Rafael plays a dirty joke on Baker! EM2 Catron and Rafael fall asleep next to each other on the mess deck.  Isn't that SWEET!?!?!? QMCM Colbert, acting like an ass as usual, dons a rag for his "fake passport" photo I acutally ran into one of my Nuke School buddies in San Diego!  Here's ET2 Jeff Corby, while his Sub was in port in San Diego.
Just a funny sign I saw...."Quality Screw & Nut"....hahaha The Dam between Buchanan and Inks Lakes Dad's boat filled with rainwater after an overnight storm! The Bridge crossing Inks Lake I caught a small Smallmouth on Inks Lake Mom catches a White Bass Davin poses in civvies during the Canadian VBSS operation (Canadian Destroyer 331 and Helo in the background) MM2 Art Dedios, my "Machinist's Mate mentor" Dedios and Catron supervise the refueling process MM2 Chris Dizon aboard a Carrier near the Suez Canal, 2005
Mom catches a perch White Bass A 16" Bass, 2.7 lb, pulled out of La Joya Lake A nice 3.2 lb Bass I pulled out of La Joya Lake Dad weighs a fish at La Joya Lake Janine stuffing her face with leftover Spaghetti, haha!
"Narwhal" TWR-842 in the Arco Drydock, 2003 ENC Art Lopez in the galley, fixing breakfast for the crew (while the cook was on leave) Chief Lopez displays a Sand Shark that he caught in the Boat Basin of Camp Pendleton Chief Lopez and Cordero near the parking garage
Janine & Elise dressed for a family wedding, April 2008 Janine and her boyfriend Jeff dress up for a "1970's" party Our youngest cat, "Rusty," stole my chair! Yvonne, Bronwyn, and Lyman, Feb 2008, Arroyo House Aunt Von getting a salad ready for lunch at the Arroyo house Some wild turkeys munching on corn in the backyard of the Arroyo House
ET2 Adam Hews on 842's aft deck while underway Adam works on the radios HT2 Hiatt and Master Chief Colbert EM3 Kellel on 842's aft deck
Half Life 2
A Pelican floating on the Arroyo Elise and Janine pet "Pearl," one of Johnny's bird dogs "Maggie," one of Johnny's bird dogs, gets a drink from the bird bath! Johnny is frying up some quail, flounder, and trout Elise and Janine on the "overlook deck" at the Arroyo House Family photo (from right to left): Bronwyn, Julie, Lyman, Janine, Elise, Yvonne, Bryan, and "Maggie"
EN1 King gives the "salute" MMFN Lacroix on 842's aft deck BM3 Steve Lundy in the Z-Boat, approaching TWR-842 EN3 Mohammed Mahd in 842's torpedo recovery chute
Elise in her Cotillion dress, Jan 2008 Elise in her Cotillion dress, Jan 2008 Dad in his Tuxedo for Elise's Cotillion Presentation, Jan 2008 WILD GIRLS!!!  Brittany, Elise, and Elliana on New Year's Eve, 2007/2008 "Little Girl" climbs into an open drawer in my desk
Mahd in the Engine Room while on watch TM2 Marc Armitage, half-drunk, dances on a picnic table during his Birthday Party Marc wants to play "Drunk Football" during his Birthday party Marc on watch on the Bridge, at the Fuel Farm
Stacy, Jenny, and Levi sit near the tree, Christmas Day 2007 Jenny and Spencer near the tree, Christmas Day 2007 Spencer (Susan & Kirk's dog) poses for a cute picture, Christmas Day 2007 Rocky enjoys some treats that Santa left in his stocking, Christmas Morning 2007 Randy flips through his new "Model Shops of Star Wars" book, Christmas Morning 2007 Randy plays with Harley outside, Christmas Day 2007
Chris Martinez (TWR-823 "Porpoise") EM1 Palma smiles.....I think my camera lens cracked right after this, haha! Everyone grabs some BBQ during a party at Master Chief Colbert's house Me at Master Chief's party
Rambo chews on his "Christmas Bone," 2007 Marshall & Bille, Christmas Day 2007 Marshall & Billie, and Mother & Randy, Christmas Day 2007 Levi and Spencer, Christmas 2007 Stacy & Jenny's Christmas Tree, 2007 Jenny and Stacy in the Kitchen, Christmas Day 2007
King at Master Chief's party The guys waiting for some BBQ at Master Chief's party Sundust "Sunny" Palma at Master Chief's party The guys playing Spades at Master Chief's party
Jenny's cooking up some food for Christmas dinner, 2007 Mother plays with her new "Abu Garcia" fishing reel, Christmas Morning 2007 Mother holding Levi, Christmas Day 2007 Dave (friend of Jenny's), Susan (Jenny's sister), and Kirk (Susan's husband), at Stacy & Jenny's house, Christmas Day 2007 "The Sophisticated Redneck."  Dad enjoys a glass of wine while sitting on a broken toilet in the garage....no idea why he's holding the squeegie. Janine's "Cannibal Pumpkin."  Note the horrified face on the baby pumpkin....haha!
The smokers congregating outside at Master Chief's party RM2 Brad "Wally" Wallace at Master Chief's party EM2 "Raffy" Rafael on the mess deck Raffy and Marc horsing around
Janine's "Cannibal Pumpkin," lit on Halloween night, 2007 Amim came over for her birthday, and played with Rusty....Oct 2007 OMG!!  That couldn't possibly be Janine waxing her car!  Who are you and what have you done with Janine? Mother catches a little Sunfish Perch, Nueces River, near crossing 410 Mother on the Nueces River, near Ray McDonald Ranch Rd Mother attaches lures to her hat for easy access, Nueces River, near crossing 410
842's bow dips into a swell during rough seas BM2 Joe Salvator and TM2 Davin Cordero horsing around on the mess deck Salvator, Cordero, and Burton on the mess deck Joe, on the Helm, gives a "double salute"
Star Wars Battlefront II
Mother wearing her "lure hat" on the Nueces River, near crossing 410 Amazingly, Mother catches a catfish on a spinner (usually they only go after live bait or scraps of liver)! Mother casts her line on the Nueces River, near crossing 414 Mother on the Nueces River, under the bluffs near crossing 408 Mother in fishing gear on the Nueces River, near crossing 408 Me in my fishing gear on the Nueces River, near crossing 408
Joe in the galley Joe stands atop the engine room's exhaust hatch Tony outside an abandoned Laundry building on San Clemente Island Tony and Adam at San Clemente Island
I catch a nice 16" bass on the Nueces River, near crossing 414 Our newest cat, Rusty, squeezes into my bookcase, May 2007 Rocky and Rambo, freshly groomed & waiting for dinner, May 2007 Randy, Mother, Carol, and Danny, May 2007 Carol falls asleep on the couch, May 2007 Aunt Carol, Mother, Me, Amanda, and Uncle Danny, May 2007
Joe and Davin "sleeping" on the torpedos before a recovery The "Spades Team"......Brad, Chief, Master Chief, and Joe MS1 Mike Stricklin at Marc's Birthday BBQ A pic of the torpedo launcher on 842's aft deck
Star Trek.com
Aunt Carol, Amanda, and Uncle Danny, May 2007 My cousin Amanda poses with Mother, May 2007 "Honey" wants attention, Mar 2007 Family pic while Bronwyn visits, Mar 2007 Cousin Bronwyn visits from California Mother pulls out a casserole for Christmas Dinner, 2006
TWR-842 "Narwhal" moored in Wilson Cove, shot from San Clemente Island A shot of several recovered torpedos on 842's aft deck EM1 Jim Wade, during the bomb threat muster Brad on the mess deck
Randy, Christmas 2006 Rambo after his grooming Rocky with his bandana The Watkins' Christmas Tree, 2006 Charlie surfs the web on my laptop Charlie gets nervous when he's caught surfing AnimalPlanet.com!
Brad on the Bridge Brad and Steve on the pier Brad during the M-16 quals I have no idea why Brad was wearing these Mardi Gras beads on his head, but it sure makes for a funny photo!
Star Wars.com
Randy in the hospital for a viral infection, Thanksgiving 2006 Rocky & Rambo sniff something suspicious during a walk through the neighborhood Aunt Carol at Thanksgiving, Spring TX 2006 Everyone loads their plates for Thanksgiving, Spring TX 2006 Uncle Danny gets his Thanksgiving plate loaded, Spring TX 2006 Grandma Audrey makes a silly face during Thanksgiving, Spring TX 2006
A shot of Wilson Cove at San Clemente Island Davin and Brad getting into the Z-Boat next to 842 HT2 Tony Baker in the "Dry Suit," before a torpedo recovery Aerial view of the campus, Naval Nuclear Power Training Command, Goose Creek SC
Maximum PC.  Minimum BS.
Michael enjoys his Thanksgiving meal, Spring TX 2006 Mother and Grandma Audrey, Thanksgiving 2006, Spring TX Phillip holding Coco on the back porch at Beth Ann's house Carol and Danny on the back porch at Beth Ann's house Ted holding Sister (Chihuahua) and Pepper (Poodle) Little takes control of the TV remote before falling asleep
Dan Cremer, wearing my hat, poses next to me in the morning, after I fell asleep with my coat over my head during a camping trip Me in my "Grim Reaper" get-up (it was COLD on that camping trip!) Ben Kane, Aaron Lineback, and Dan Cremer play field-goal football with a folded camping tarp Jeremy Greenawalt, Jeff Yam, and me
On Sept 24th, we got 5" of rain within a few hours!  The water was standing the backyard, and left a visible waterline on the fence. A Close-up view of the waterline on the fence Little seems to be fascinated by a print of Renoir:  "Bal Du Moulin De La Galette, Montmartre" Be warned:  if you fall asleep on the couch, you're going to get a picture like this....HAHAHA!!!! For some unknown reason, my cat Little is fascinated with plastic bags....she loves to get in them! Mother & "Tooter," in 2001
Class picture for 9940-T, Naval Nuclear Power Training Command, 1999 Me and Mother at my "Pass and Review" (Navy Boot Camp Graduation), Chicago 1999 Several friends from Division 170 after Boot Camp A bunch of us from Boot Camp pose with the Hooters Girls in downtown Chicago
Elise is dead to the world! Cassie's last night at our house.  We'll miss you, and come back again soon! Janine, Julie, and Elise flash "gang signs" on the couch Janine "strikes a pose" on the couch Elise holding Cassie's Dwarf Hamster, "Stud" Janine, in "The Price is Right" style, displays Dad's catch
The Master Fisherman poses with his catch Dad's catch - 3 Redfish and 6 Trout The Master Fisherman cleans his catch Janine finishes making Julie's cake while Cassie swipes some icing Julie's 50th Birthday cake Julie blows out the candles on her 50th Birthday Party cake
Julie's 50th Birthday Party Sandra begin carried through "Checkpoint Charlie" in Berlin Mark and Sandra in Germany for a World Cup Soccer Game Mark & Sandra in Germany Mark in Germany Little loves boxes....even short-walled water-bottle boxes!
Jaime at the Computer The Bounous Family watches TV.....but check out Cassie's mouth, haha! Cassie and Janine, July 2006 Cassie Heiden checks out her hair, after Elise has straightened it for her, July 2006 Dad seasons some chicken wings on the grill, July 2006 "Little" curiously inspects my PC, July 2006
Mother & friend Sabrina, July 2006 Stacy in Katy, July 2006 Stacy's Persian cat, "Levi," July 2006 Rocky, mid-pee, July 2006 Rambo, mid-lick, July 2006 Mother, Beth, and Grandma Audrey, July 4th 2006
Grandma Audrey & Tootsie, July 4th 2006 Beth & Grandma Audrey, July 4th 2006 Randy & Mother in the back yard, July 2006 Elise dyes her hair dark red (temporary), June 2006 Janine & boyfriend Sairi Velasquez, June 2006 Janine's High School Graduation, May 2006
Elise and Elliana at the McHi Band Banquet, May 2006 Elise, Julie, and Janine at the McHi Band Banquet, May 2006 Elise, Amim, and Annie, Easter 2006 Me removing rocks from inside my shoes...ouch!  Nueces River TX, May 2006. Me enjoying a snack of Beef Jerky and cold water, Nueces River TX, May 2006. Me with a nice little Smallmouth Bass, Nueces River TX, May 2006.
My Cavalier parked near the CR-408 crossing, Nueces River TX, May 2006 Nice little sunfish that Dad caught, Nueces River TX, May 2006. Buzzards taking a pre-noon rest, downstream CR-410, Nueces River TX, May 2006. Downstream3 of CR-408, Nueces River TX Small Dinosaur footprint, downstream of CR-408, Nueces River TX Small dinosaur footprint, with my foot for scale, downstream CR-408, Nueces River TX
Large Dinosaur footprint, downstream CR-408, Nueces River TX Large Dinosaur footprint, with my foot for scale, downstream CR-408, Nueces River TX Downstream2 of County Road 408, Nueces River, May 2006. Downstream1 of County Road 408, Nueces River, May 2006. Dad fishing in a beautiful bend in the Nueces River, TX, May 2006. Only in Texas!  A Liquor/Gun Store in Uvalde, TX, May 2006.
Davin Cordero playing with his camera, Houston TX, Summer 2005. Aunt Von in Dad's boat during a bird-watching trip at La Joya Lake, TX, October 2005. Rocky by the bedroom window, Summer 2005. Randy with the boys, Summer 2005. Rambo on Mom & Dad's bed, Summer 2005. Elise made-up to look like Marilyn Monroe
Amim getting her toenails done by Julie Elise "snowboards" thru the toy section My cat, "Little Puss," waits for sunset so she can stalk another hapless lizard Elise's friends Christina Merwin and Elliana Thomas Dad waxes the Sequoia, wearing his silly little red sweatband that looks as if it was stolen from the prop department for "Boogie Nights" Elise and Elliana in their dance practice outfits
Janine opens a jewelry gift during het 18th Birthday Party at La Mexicana Restaurant Janine and friend Crystal Reyna Janine on the verge of the becoming "The Mask" Janine poses as if she's Shania Twain Janine poses by the TV during Super Bowl XL Janine's 18th Birthday Party at La Mexicana Restaurant
Bryan & Yvette playing pool, c.1983, South Carolina Yvonne, Collette, and Lyman, c.1953, Edinburg TX Lyle G. Bounous, US Army, c.1950 Madeline Bounous & children, c.1950 Bill & Yvette, July 2005, McAllen TX Brent gets "hooked" by Yvette's lure, July 2005, Arroyo TX
Bryan & Yvette, July 2005, Arroyo TX Group Photo:  Kautsch, Wetli, May, Bounous, July 2005, Arroyo TX May Family:  Christopher, Mark & Sandra, July 2005, Arroyo TX Sarah & Brent, July 2005, McAllen TX Sarah & Brent, July 2005, Arroyo TX Brent, Mark, and Yvette on the dock, July 2005, Arroyo TX
Yvette & Sarah on the Overlook deck, July 2005, Arroyo TX Yvette pulls in a nice trout from the dock, July 2005, Arroyo TX Yvette gets doused with sunscreen by Sarah, July 2005, Arroyo TX Elise & Elliana in their McHi Steppers outfits, October 2005, McAllen TX DaveG stands in front of his PC, August 2004, Houston TX Bryan & Davin Cordero, July 2005, Katy TX
Carrie Reid & Debbie Watkins, Summer 2005, Katy TX Davin Cordero & more typical sailors at a bar, Summer 2005, location unknown Janine & friends at the Acropolis, Greece, Summer 2005 Paul Denman catches a seagull on his hook, Summer 2005, South Bay TX Stacy enjoying a beer, Summer 2005, Katy TX Bryan, Debbie, Phillip, Beth Ann, and Michael, Xmas 2005, Houston TX
Grandma Audrey, Xmas 2005, Houston TX Phillip, Beth Ann, Ted, and Michael, Xmas 2005, Houston TX Carrie and Stacy talk about "Levi," Stacy's adopted Persian cat, Xmas 2005, Houston TX Charlene Ham at her desk at PCMI, Xmas 2005, Houston TX S.Sgt Michael & Bryan, Xmas 2005, Houston TX Randy prepares the evening meal for Rocky & Rambo, Xmas 2005, Katy TX
"....and the sea shall grant each man new hope, as sleep brings dreams of home...."
--Christopher Columbus